Today I was supposed to see the Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods movie in theaters— but it was sold out in literally every theater in the entire county. Why are they scheduled for only one showing a day? And why only one theater? That’s annoying..

But for the very first time in my life I manned up and made a shit load of phone calls to many different places looking for tickets and managed to purchase two tickets for me and my older brother tomorrow. Hell yeah.

I feel stupid for not anticipating the turn out. But I feel very blessed by the fact that it’s showing again tomorrow and come hell or high water, I’m getting to that theater.

Long live Goku.

tbh nobody on this blog really care idk but i’m hiatusing swaggie cause this shit;¬†¬†bothers me to no end.

i’ve tried to just let it go, because i know i’m a roleplayer. and i know i do well. and my friends acknowledge me and all that. and i know it’s just some anonymous message, but i take this shit so personally. because how after two years do people question it?

i don’t know. i don’t know, it’s whatever i guess aha